Innovated Matchservo Motor


Minimize EMI and maintenance free. Low noise.

b. Specialized designation to have smooth shaft rotation and improved reliability.

Light weight and compact size, higher power density, higher torque density and higher efficiency than conventional motors.


Wide speed range of high-efficiency operation, suitable for the load changes, speed variation operating conditions are generally advantages that conventional motors can't achieve.

Intelligent drive controller


The drive provides position, speed and torque for three kinds of basic modes operation.

b. Digital I / O output into regulation

Dual system control by torque and speed


Internal drive provides 8 segments speed, two-stage acceleration and deceleration control.


Internal drive 7 segment provides position location and a return HOME mode, eliminate the cumulative amount of error, precise, no need of PC (such as HMI, PLC) control, save costs on PC, and therefore more in line with market demand.


Applicable to many commonly used control interfaces such as RS485, standard panel, terminal signal control, PLC And human-peer


Available for all control interfaces, ex. RS 485, direct signal, PLC, HMI.


Drive provides 24VDC for SENSER require.


Speed rendering and real output DC10V for external control header


Drive signals can be output 128 RPM for external control using.


Position tolerance on high speed, avoid over-current, over-voltage and motor blocked protection against abnormal occurs. 


Rated Power. W 120W 180W 250W 370W
Servormotor Model No. MH-120L/M MH-180L/M MH-250L/M MH-350L/370M
Rated Torque (N.m) L:0.59/M0.39 L:0.87/M:0.58 L:1.19/M:0.80 L:1.77/M:1.18
Max. Toqure (N.m) L1.77/M1.17 L:2.61/M:1.74 L:3.57/M:2.40 L:5.30/M:3.53
Rated Current (Arms) L0.64/M:0.65 L:0.90/M:0.90 L:1.40/M:1.30 L:2.20/M:1.95
Max. Current (Arms) L:1.92/M:1.17 L:2.70/M:2.50 L:4.20/M:3.90 L:6.60/M:5.88
Rated Speed (RPM) L:2000/M:3000
Torque Constant-KT (N.m/Arms) L:1.08/M0.71 L:1.08/M:0.71 L:0.95/M:0.70 L:0.93/M0.70
Rotor Moment of Inertia 10-4* (kgm²) L:1.25/M1.11 L:1.25/M:1.11 L:1.57/M:1.42 L:1.89/M:1.57
Mechanical Time Contact (ms) L:2.2/M:3.69 L:2.2/M3.69 L:2.25/M:2.54 L:3.18/M:2.54
Electric Time Contant (ms) L:2.83/M:2.15 L:2.83/M:2.15 L:2.58/M:2.51 L:1.44/M:2.51
Insulation Class F
IP Rating IP40
MH Motor Dimension (Fig) 1 2 3 L:4/M:3


Rated Power. W 120W 180W 250W 370W
Drive model No. D310
Motor model No. MH2-120L/M MH2-180L/M MH250L/M MH-350L/370M
Input Voltage (AC) 220V±10% 1Ø
Input Frequency (HZ) 50/60
Rated Output Current (Arms) L:0.64/M:0.65 L:0.90/M:0.90 L:1.40/M:1.30 L:2.20/M:1.95
Max. Output Current (Arms) L:1.92/M:1.70 L:2.70/M:2.50 L:4.20/M:3.90 L:6.60/M:5.88
Encoder Type and Resoluation A,B,Z,HU,HV,HW Open Collector. (A,B Phase= 128PPR)
ACC. DEC. Time 0.1~60.0 Sec.
Speed Regulation Load ± 0.3% Below (0~Rated Torque at Rated Speed)
Voltage ± 0.3% Below (Source Voltage ± 10%at Rated Speed no Load)
Temperature ± 0.3% Below (-10~45°C /32~113°F at Rated Speed no Load)
Type of Control Sin PWM
Model of Control 1.Speed model 2.Torque mode 3.Position mode
Input Signal Analog Panel 1.Vref, Tref ±10V Analog Input 2.Panel VR 0~5V Analog Input
Digital Panel DI0~DI4 and COM common, Input Impedance 4.7KΩ to common
Output Signal DOx Open Collector (x=0~1), External Voltage(48VDC, 50mA below).
Protection Overload, Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Heat
Encoder Abnormal, Short Circuit
D310 Dimension (Fig) D310

Motor Dimension

Driver Dimensions

Performance Cure